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Technology that Fits Your Business Plan
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You need your computer support provider to understand you as a business. At Knight, we have helped hundreds of companies get the most out of the money they invest in computer technology. Some top business issues are:

  • technology helping you understand your customers better,
    Technologies We Sell
  • technology improving the productivity of your employees,
  • managing the risks that technology introduces, and
  • planning for and managing all the costs of owning technology.

Let us understand your business so we can provide recommendations specific to you. Take advantage of our subsidized assessment program.

Understanding your Customers

Customer Relationship Management

You can't profit without knowing who your customers are and what their pain is. You might have some spreadsheets or lists, but they aren't adequate for conducting in-depth analysis. With Microsoft CRM, we can give you a place to easily put all your customer data so that you can profit from better customer service and proper analysis and reporting.

The Productivity of Your Employees

Consider your company and these all-too-common inefficiencies:
  • staff loose their train of thought from their computer taking too long,
  • document versions get muddled because of e-mailing copies back and forth between various people, or
  • staff trying to plunk away at software they really don't know how to use.

Technology is not an end unto itself. With any quote Knight provides you, we'll help you see how our solution can specifically address your company's productivity.

The Total Cost of Technology

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a buzzword, but an important one. We help you plan for and manage costs by doing a number of things:

  • being very comprehensive when we plan a solution and provide a quote,
  • helping you budget realistically for maintenance costs,
  • comprehensively planning your upgrade paths so you know where you're going and that you're doing it cost-effectively, and
  • informing you of financing options.

By being comprehensive, by helping you have realistic expectations, and by thoroughly knowing our industry and technology, we help you understand your costs and minimize them.

Minimizing the The Risks of Technology

With file servers or networked software that centralize your data in one place, system failure or data loss can be devastating. When we design systems for you, we insist on emphasizing the basics of hardware redundancy and solid backup procedures.

Computerization also exposes more of your business to the threats of viruses and digital data theft. The key to security is having a layered approach. Our various approaches include: WebArmour firewall, WeArmour virus protection, network configurations that always include redundancy and backups, and best-practice recommendations for you and your staff.

Contacting Us

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Talk to us about your issues. We can suggest tools, options and solutions specific to your business.

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