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Solutions for Your Thriving Business
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Computer hardware and software alone are not going to give you the results you need. Our commitment to results means we offer you much more:

  • cross platform networking expertise,
  • computer hardware and networks,
  • software licensing consultation,
  • customized software, database and report design,
  • Internet with hassle-free security,
  • maintenance and network monitoring,

Cross-Platform Networking Expertise

Migrating to Best-of-Breed

Microsoft Windows Server ... Novell Netware ... Unix-Linux ... Knight Enterprises is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft Small Business Specialist. We have also been a Novell Gold authorized reseller since 1989. Our breadth of expertise allows us to support mixed operating system environments. And who better to handle system migrations than a cross-platform expert?

Computer Hardware and Networks

Because your business requires business class machines, we choose to carry lines of network and PC hardware that provide a high degree of reliability and performance. We provide hardware from a variety of vendors including HP, Samsung, Sony and Cisco Systems.

Software Licensing Consultation

Software licensing is complex. Microsoft, Novell, Computer Associates--they all have their own licensing schemes and rules. Which plan is best for you today... and tomorrow? Talk to our in-house licensing expert to learn about the plans best suited for your business' size, IT strategy and budget.

Customized Software, Database and Report Design

When your needs go beyond standard software and databases, we can both tailor your applications or develop entirely new custom software and reports for you. Crystal Reports is one of our specialties. Customizations can dramatically improve your staff's efficiency and give you the high-end diagnostic reports you need to run your business profitably.

Internet with Hassle-Free Security

WebArmour Security

We know that your internet is an extension of your network. We are also an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which means we can give you the right Internet access option. This eliminates all the levels of bureaucracy when you need help. Opt for our WebArmour service and your Internet connection is protected by the very same security we use for ourselves. You are freed from doing security updates because we do them for you.

Maintenance and Network Monitoring

Regardless of the brand or maker, networks and computers are complex technologies that require upkeep and a watchful eye. We don't just offer technician service, but help you budget realistically for a prudent level of maintenance. We also provide regular monitoring of your networks to help catch technical problems and security threats. Problems caught early are much less expensive to fix.

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