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Hassle-Free Internet Security
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Top-Notch Security, Maintenance-Free

WebArmour security solutions are hassle-free because they are services, not software. Our firewalling, e-mail anti-virus, e-mail anti-spam, and content filtering options all occur at our site. You tell us what you need, and we customize the service for you.

Just how good is WebArmour security? Good enough that it's exactly what we use to protect Knight Enterprises itself.

One-Stop Shop for Business Internet

Because at Knight Enterprises we are both computer consultants and an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we can seamlessly add the right Internet access option to your solution. When you have problems with another Internet provider, it's hard to know who to call because the problem might be with your computers, your network, or the Internet. With us, it's simple--just call us, your one-stop provider.

1:1 Ratio

We don't oversell our bandwidth.

Package Basics

"Business 4 DSL" "Business 2.5 DSL" "Small Business DSL"
Business Size 16+ users 6-15 users 1-5 users
Bandwidth Speed 4Mbsp 2.5Mbps 2.5Mbps
Data Transfer 12GB/month 8GB/month 5GB/month
Static IP address for server hosting 5 2 n/a
Virus Scanned POP3 e-mail accounts n/a 5 5
Firewall Protection available available available
Content Filtering available available available
E-mail Anti-Spam available available available

Service Area

Service is currently available in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer (selected areas), Canmore and Banff.

Firewall Protection

A firewall is an extremely important security tool used for controlling which types of information are allowed to flow between the Internet and your computer or network. When you go with the WebArmour firewall, the burden of configuring, administering and updating your own firewall software and hardware is removed from your I.T. staff, allowing them to focus on additional matters important to your business. The WebArmour firewall can be customized for you so that certain types of traffic such as RealAudio or ICQ can be blocked.

Virus Scanned E-mail

Not all E-mail virus scanners are equal. Many scanners let a virus actually enter your computer before they block it! WebArmour virus scanning blocks a virus at the Knight Enterprises office so the virus never actually enters your computer or network.

Content Filtering

WebArmour Content Filtering blocks your staff from accessing websites based on the subject category of the websites. Increase your staff's productivity, minimize wastage of your network bandwidth, and reduce your legal liability related to inappropriate Internet use in the workplace. The sixty subject categories  allow you to fully tailor the blocking to meet your needs.

Anti-Spam E-mail

With WebArmour Anti-Spam E-mail, reduce unwanted junk e-mail without installing or maintaining any extra software at your site. Customize filtering through a simple user interface. If you wish, create your own whitelists, blacklists, custom rules and scoring thresholds.

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